Shine a light on your health!

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Shine a light on your health!

Signify contributes to its sustainability approach to create a better world — ‘Brighter Lives and a Better World’. The company does this internally as well, by paying attention to sustainable employability, health, well-being and vitality. Preventive and curative measures will be taken to support our most important asset; our people. Signify wants to create a culture where working professionals feel safe, healthy and happy, where your well-being matters and where employees feel valued and involved. We also learned the past years have been very challenging for all of us, coping with the COVID pandemic, which had impact on our personal and work life. We take the health & wellbeing of our employees very seriously and therefore invest with a health program to support our employee’s health & vitality.

Signify’s Health & Well-being Programme will be updated regularly with new products and services reviewed by the well-being manager in collaboration with EHS-team and Human Resources. We aim to provide the very best products for employees with a strong focus on enhancing mental and physical well-being.

You can participate in several services or developed programs on this portal. The Signify trainer contact you after a product request for further details and information. Do you have ideas yourself feel free to contact wellbeing manager Laurens van Oosterwijk.

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Laurens van Oosterwijk

Health and Well-being manager at Signify

Department Environment, Health and Safety


Cardiologist Janneke Wittekoek & Heartlife Clinics

Medical Tuesday: 15 November 3 pm – 4.30 pm & 29 November 3 pm – 4.30 pm 2022.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle deserves attention because negative lifestyle factors are related to a reduced wellbeing through illness, decreased productivity and sick leave. Staff with an unfavorable diet, too much stress, smoking and/or little physical exercise have a higher risk to develop diabetes and heart and vascular diseases. Very often, unhealthy behaviors are related to one another. We offer two master classes to improve your health and the condition of your heart and brain. Gaining an insight in the relation between lifestyle, heart and brain allows you to regain control over your personal heart health.

Signify sheds light upon the heart through this two master classes led by Janneke Wittekoek, a cardiologist, health scientist and founder of HeartLife Klinieken in Utrecht.

Janneke Wittekoek combines personal cardiological care with an active lifestyle support in order to instigate health improvement for her patients, and she would like to share her knowledge with the Signify work force through these learnings.

Book your spot for these advanced level  “inspirience” Masterclasses!

15 November Heart and Exercise Connection – 29 November Heart and Brain Connection.

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Energy Management Top State Training


In this Master class TopState Training takes you into the workings of your brain and your biochemistry. You will experience how you can perform better with skillful energy management.

Your energy, the biggest success factor in business. Not time management but energy management is the single most important weapon in your busy life. Your business success, health and happiness depend on your available amount of energy. The more grip you have on the energy you can spend, the more productive and successful you will become.

In this Masterclass, you will be introduced to the two energy systems and learn how to influence them yourself. You will not only learn this in theory but also experience it in practice. You will learn how to use your biochemical system optimally. All this is directly applicable in your daily life. With this Masterclass you start your route to sustainable successful performance. Are you ready for it?

After completing this Masterclass:

  • You will know the two systems responsible for your energy.
  • You have mastered techniques that allow you to immediately have more energy at your disposal.
  • You will have started skilful energy management for more success, health and happiness.

Sign up for one of the sessions this year with the registration form below. The TopState trainer will contact you for further information and details and will send a calendar invite for the workshop.

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Fitness Work (Out) program


Where back after the great succes of 2020 with our Signify Work-Out program. This Work-Out program contains effective group sessions with our personal Signify Trainer from Maxxtraining executed in the outdoor environment. The lessons that wil be offered will have a combination of exercise and relaxation that continuously alternate. The variation of the lessons is important, so this program is suitable for each personal health goal. These “Work Outs” are very effective to keep little pain complaints away. The trainers will focus to strengthen our muscles and improve your overall fitness. To stay healthy and fit at work and at home.

Registration for these sessions can be done with the form below. The  trainers from Maxxtraining will provide three energetic moments each week. Two in Eindhoven and one in Amsterdam. You can subscribe for each training or one moment that you prefer.

The Maxxtraining personal trainers wil contact you for more information and details. Please join and enjoy the benefits that many working professionals all ready have experienced.

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Mental Well-being Inspirience Webinars


Both at work and at home, many things change. And in the hectic and dynamic day-to-day, our thoughts are often preoccupied with the future. “I still have to prepare for that meeting this afternoon”, ” That report really has to be finished tomorrow”. This can cause restlessness “in your head”.

Want to get started with stress management, mental fitness and personal growth? Then sign up for these mental wellbeing webinar sessions by our work and organizational psychologist. This will help you focus more, worry less, make balanced decisions and find better solutions.

These sessions will be serviced online by our wellbeing webinar tool. The psychologist will receive you in the Signify broadcast room every Wednesday from 11 pm till 12 pm. You can sign up for every webinar or choose a preferred topic. A direct link to the broadcast room is also added via the button below.

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Events: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning


HTC Pub quiz (Connect Event)

4 October 2022

For everyone who would rather challenge their knowledge in English than in Dutch, there is now the Special English PubQuiz. An evening filled with joy, laughter and great questions about everything and nothing! The quiz consists of eight rounds with questions about general knowledge, music, movies and series and of course a changing round, which is different every time. Are you going to battle with your team? Buy your team ticket now so you won’t miss it! Teams consist of 2 to 5 people. The quiz is for fun but of course there is a price for the winners. The quiz starts at 20.00h. The best places are for the early birds so don’t be late! There is limited space, so when the tickets are sold out you cannot participate. One teamticket is good for 1 team of 2 to 5 people

Marathon Eindhoven (Be Active Event)

9 October 2022

Join the Signify Running team in the most innovative marathon of the Netherlands! The second weekend of October is all about the marathon in Eindhoven. Running not your yam? Cheer on the Signify runners along the parcours! Your race makes the difference! Every year the Eindhoven Marathon supports a good cause. This year you can contribute to research from the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding). The Marathon Eindhoven is known for its fast courses and enthusiastic support of the spectators. This extra support is supported by various music venues that contribute significantly to the euphoric atmosphere in the city. Both young and old can participate; by running, walking, or simply cheering for someone else!

Fe+male Tech Heroes dinner: Mind Full or Mindful (Take Notice Event)

11 October 2022

Is your mind full? Or are you mindful? An important question if you are pursuing a career in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world, where everything is always moving forward. But are you also there in the present? During the Fe+male Tech Heroes dinner on October 11th, we will take you on a journey: from mindful eating to authentic leadership. How do you stay true to yourself, and find your way in your career?

Wild Breaks (Take Notice Event)

15 November 2022

Just like a mini-safari around your office, you set out discovering nature and wildlife during your lunch-break. In this special November edition we will search for mushrooms on Campus. The High Tech Campus is not just smartest square kilometre in Europe. The Campus is also a living landscape, full with wildlife hidden in plain sight. Nuno Curado, an enthusiastic urban wildlife ecologist, will take you on a short discovery tour, in search of the wild animals and plants that also call the Campus their home!

An opportunity to really disconnect from work, to stretch your legs and focus on wildlife. No special equipment or clothes are needed. Just meet us at 12.00 sharp at the Food Lab (food trucks) next to the water. There are limited places (15 people per Wild Break). So make sure to register soon to spend this Tuesday lunch-break with nature.

Participation is free. Afterwards you can decide for yourself how much you thought the Wild Break was worth. You will receive a message with an open payment request. This is without obligation.