Signify Body and Mind Program 2021

Your well-being matters at Signify

At Signify, we strive for a culture where your well-being matters and where employees feel valued and involved. Thus, a healthy work-life balance, for example, is an important condition to be able to deal with all the daily challenges and to (continue to) perform in a productive and successful manner.

Signify contributes to its sustainability approach to create a better world — ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’ — and also does this internally by proactively paying attention to sustainable employability, health, and well-being. Preventive and curative measures will be taken to support this culture by, among other things, providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Signify Body and Mind Work-Out program 2022

Do you want to get physically and mentally fitter? You can with our Signify Corporate Vitality Trainers. Sign up for the following services:

  • Work – Outdoor Bootcamp program
  • Yoga Breaks
  • Energy management masterclasses (online & offline)
  • Mindfulness workshops (online).

Join the Signify Body & Mind – Health and Well-being program. Work on your physical or mental health. Find out more information below. Sign up and participate in the Signify Body & Mind program 2022!

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